Friday, February 10, 2012


Goals are tough business. I had my third baby in September and am finding it to be at least 3 times harder to lose my baby weight than with the first. Frustrating because I have been trying really hard to eat well and to exercise right, and still...nope. I still have about 20 lbs to lose.

Then I got really excited and thought I would try subdividing my goal into smaller goals that were more attainable. So I would say I needed to lose 2 lbs by a certain date. Mentally that worked beautifully!! I was eating even better and staying on top of my goal, and was really proud of myself until I stepped on the scale. You guessed it. My hard work equalled a 2 lb weight GAIN. So I celebrated with a trip to my baking cupboard for about a pound of milk chocolate chips. Phew that felt better. I started beating myself up mentally and telling myself that it wasn't worth it. That it didn't matter how much I tried I would fail.

Then today after I went to the gym (because going to the gym is sanity for me and I'll never stop doing that) I weighed myself and was down 3 pounds!! Small victory, but lesson teaching. I am generally a stress case. I worry a lot about how I'm doing in different areas of my life and am consistently evaluating how I should be better.

I like to see pretty quick results on things. When I don't I usually don't get discouraged, unless it's more than one thing. Like right now. I have 3 things going on right now. None of which I feel particularly satisfied with, on results anyway. SO I've been feeling a little discouraged. Then I found the quote I posted above. Then I think about the countless blessings I have been given and I know there is no reason to be discouraged. I need to celebrate my small victories and keep working and pushing for more. At least I am trying.


Lindsay Lulu said...

You are beautiful you always have been. Your talent always amazes me and I am blown away by your spirit, plus I found out that we both love the perfectly imperfect blog. Ha!
Here are my words of wisdom for you, and although all changes in our bodies frustrate us because well lets face it you and I both love our clothes, but this I know for sure... God gives you this beauty for a reason. We have a bit of softness because it makes it easier for our kids to snuggle up close. We have hips because our babies need a place to rest while we hold them, and our thighs are strong well because lets face it you have 3 kids and the laundry and grocery bags filled with food is never ending. You have never been more beautiful then now as a mother, wife and an artist.
Your sister

Tammy and Brian Family said...

I love you Jesse! You are an amazing woman and I look up to you so much. I can't believe how lucky I am to have you as my friend. You are beautiful and fabulous! I hope you know that I am always here for you, no matter when, no matter what time!!! I will tell you what you have told me... " You gave birth to 3 kids, no painkillers, that was all you girl!! You can get through anything!"