Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Year, New Start

What I'm hoping for the new a lot!!

This last year has been full of a lot of roller coasters. A major car accident, a move, a new baby, and more. I haven't been working consistently since July, and honestly didn't really miss it. Until recently. I've started to feel that creative bug and desire to create again, and it feels good.

But I haven't known which direction to take my creating. I have found a great new love for quilting. It is amazing how therapeutic it can be to do something with your hands and being able to create something that will be loved and snuggled. Since about June I have spent a lot of my free time doing that. It was great to take a break and explore different ways of being creative and artistic. That has equated a long break in any real designing for scrapbooking.

We will see where the new year takes me...I have a few ideas in mind. Now to make them realities!!!