Saturday, October 8, 2011

Time Flies - and a new Freebie

Time flies. I can't believe how much busier my life has been with the presence of a 12 lb. 5 week old baby. I find it extremely hard to believe that I ever found one child to be difficult. Silly naive me! Three kids, with none of them in school is quite a busy life. I'm trying to find the time to squeeze everything in. It's coming along, but not quite there yet!

I also realize that I never mentioned what we ended up naming the baby! We named him Liam Clarke. We both liked it and FINALLY found something we could agree on!

So I loaded some Halloween products into the store. Some Printable drink labels and gift tags for halloween parties and party favors and some papers of course. I've attached some pictures of the gift tags and the drink labels.

Here is another freebie in the store as well. Enjoy!!! Click here to visit the store