Friday, March 9, 2012

Stuff I Made

So last Christmas (2010) I got a sewing machine from my husband. It is a fantastic old all metal sewing from probably about the 1970s. I had never sewn anything before and was terrified, but since I had been wanting to learn I set out on a mission!

I didn't know how to thread it, fill the bobbin or anything else, so I had to keep asking my husband to come help me (his mother is an avid quilter and he knows how to operate a sewing machine. Yes I do feel a little sheepish about this now that I have learned how easy it is!)

So I went to my mom and she handed me some fabric she purchased to make a baby quilt and basically said, here, make it. So I did!! It was a simple snowball pattern and is shown here below under this adorable little baby!!

That sparked a fire!! After that I made a quilt for my little guy (I haven't photographed it yet) Then started to design my own patterns and made a quilt for my mom for Christmas (also not yet photographed). Then I wanted to branch out!! So I made a stuffed lion (not photographed yet either...goodness I need to take a lot of pictures!!!) and a tote bag for my sister. Last week I made these skirts for my little girls. I got the idea here. Super easy and my little 2 yr old wears hers every day and sometimes to bed!!

Then I made this little owl for a friend of mine who was having her first little girl. I got the pattern at my local quilt store, but there is a site here where you can find the patterns, or their creator.

I am so loving sewing. It's an amazing new outlet for creativity that allows me to work with my hands but still create and finish something. Love it! Why didn't I start this earlier!!! Hopefully I'll get better at taking pics of my future projects!

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