Saturday, June 18, 2011

A post for a rainy day!

Life has been so busy. We recently put our house up for sale, we had a garage sale this weekend, are getting ready for a fun camping trip (we hope it's fun - keep your fingers crossed!), oh and did I mention that I'm 30 weeks pregnant?

So between getting our house "market ready" and everything else that we've had going on, I have been a little bit less than energetic! However, there are some new things coming up. The store on my site is almost done, and some new products will be posted at Digital Dandelions on Monday! So be sure to check those out!!

*freebie coming soon**

Monday, June 6, 2011


I am very excited about a new phase in my life! I have changed digital scrapbooking stores! My digital scrapbooking products are now available at Digital Dandelions!

Find them on Facebook, and then check out this article about them for a discount coupon!

I'm very excited about this, and will keep you posted about new and upcoming things with them, and also with my website! It's going to be fun!